Michigan Make A Significant Comeback to Secure Championship Spot

No. 3 University of Michigan advances past No. 11 Loyola University Chicago 69-57 to the NCAA Tournament Championship title game. Trailing by 7 ending the 1st, Michigan amped the game up by gaining a 19 point lead in the 2nd half of the match up.

Loyola Chicago had a terrific season making it as far as the Final Four game, but Kurtwig wanted to make his season memorable by adding 17 points to his career total. Not far behind him, Custer made 15 points, and Jackson made 10 to become the significant shooters that started.

In the first half, Loyola Chicago made their points by fouled free throws and playing a well developed strategy of staying alive.

Michigan being in the seat that they were had to make an impressive game for themselves. After this entire NCAA Tournament, you wouldn’t expect anything less than the losing team during the game to make a run to the top like they did.

Wagner added 24 points to secure the win while Matthews gave 17 points to contribute to the successful season so far. The Michigan bench wasn’t anything too outstanding, but the brotherhood that sat there was like any other.

With the match up of No. 1 Villanova University and  No. 1 University of Kansas in the last Final Four match up, Michigan can’t help but anticipate who their opponent will be in the NCAA Tournament Championship game on April 2nd at 9:20PM.

By Cierra Loomis


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