Top 25 – Week 3


  1. Duke
  2. Arizona
  3. Kansas
  4. Villanova
  5. Wichita St.
  6. Michigan St.
  7. Florida
  8. UNC
  9. Kentucky
  10. Miami
  11. Cincy
  12. Notre Dame
  13. USC
  14. Minnesota
  15. Xavier
  16. Texas A&M
  17. Gonzaga
  18. Purdue
  19. Louisville
  20. Seton Hall
  21. West Virginia
  22. St. Mary’s
  23. Baylor
  24. Alabama
  25. Virginia

Also” UCLA, Texas Tech

Matty Brackets Update – 11/20/17



  1. Duke vs. 16. Hofstra / Manhattan
  2. Nova vs. 15. Wagner
  3. Florida vs. 14. Harvard
  4. Xavier vs. 13. Belmont
  5. Cincy vs. 12. Middle Tenn.
  6. Bama vs. 11. UConn / Rhode Island
  7. Texas A&M vs. 10. TCU
  8. UCLA vs. 9. Texas


  1. Zona vs. 16. Portland St.
  2. UNC vs. 15. Colgate
  3. WVU vs. 14. Grand Canyon
  4. Seton Hall vs. 13. SF Austin
  5. Minnesota vs. 12. Valpo
  6. Gonzaga vs. 11. Michigan
  7. Baylor vs. 10. Boston College
  8. Northwestern vs. 9. St. John’s


  1. Kansas vs. 16. LBST / Buffalo
  2. Michigan St. vs. 15. Jackson St.
  3. USC vs. 14. Mercer
  4. Louisville vs. 13. Western Illinois
  5. Virginia vs. 12. Oakland
  6. Texas Tech vs. 11. Michigan
  7. Oregon vs. 10. Butler
  8. Colorado vs. 9. Wisconsin


  1. Notre Dame vs. 16. Liberty
  2. Wichita St. vs. 15. NC A&T
  3. Kentucky vs. 14. Georgia Southern
  4. Purdue vs. 13. FGCU
  5. Miami vs. 12. Vermont
  6. St. Mary’s vs. 11. Boise St. / Missouri
  7. Creighton vs. 10. Cuse
  8. South Carolina vs. 9. Nevada




The Big Ten had a ….. well…… surprising year you could say in some ways.  During the 2017 NCAA Tournament, some teams stepped up and some teams stepped out.  Chris Collins proved his coaching worth at Northwestern by leading the Wildcats to the round of 32 in their very first dance. Wisconsin lost a heartbreaker in New York to Florida and Michigan got wiped out by some Ducks. So when it comes to dancing in this years tourney, do not be surprised if you see a few teams from the Midwest doing some Texas two stepping on their way to San Antonio.  Just a word of advice.  If you were to see Northwestern dancing this year, beware Julia Louis Dreyfus still has a son playing named Charlie Hall and she still knows, “The Elaine Dance.”   That’s worth saying, “Go Wildcats!”

By the way, basketball’s road to the biggest dance-off in Texas begins in just 16 days!


The Big 10 Preseason Rankings

1.) Michigan State

2.) Northwestern

3.) Purdue

4.) Wisconsin

5.) Minnesota

6.) Iowa

7.) Maryland

8.) Michigan

9.) tie Penn State

9.) tie Illinois

11.) Nebraska

12.) Indiana

13.) Ohio State

14.) Rutgers

Preseason Big 10  All Freshman Team

Jaren Jackson Jr.          6’11          Forward          Michigan State

Mark Aistork                6’5            Guard               Illinois

Darryl Morsell             6’4            Guard               Maryland

Isaiah Washington     6’1            Guard               Minnesota

Jaaron Simmons         6’1            Guard               Michigan


Preseason Big 10 Freshman of the Year

Jaren Jackson Jr.          Michigan State


Preseason Big 10 All Conference Team

Moritz Wagner           6’11           Forward            Michigan

Ethan Happ                 6’10           Forward            Wisconsin

Miles Bridges              6’7             Guard/Forward    Michgian State

Bryant McIntosh        6’3             Guard                 Northwestern

Nate Mason                 6’2             Guard                 Minnesota


Preseason Big 10 Player of the Year

Miles Bridges            Michigan State


Preseason Big 10  Defensive Player of the Year

Jaren Jackson Jr.        Michigan


Preseason Big 10 Coach of the Year

Chris Collins               Northwestern




NCAAMReview Preseason Top 25

  1. Arizona
  2. Duke
  3. UNC
  4. Kansas
  5. Wichita State
  6. Kentucky
  7. Louisville
  8. Villanova
  9. Gonzaga
  10. Michigan State
  11. West Virginia
  12. Florida
  13. UCLA
  14. Baylor
  15. Notre Dame
  16. Wisconsin
  17. Oregon
  18. Butler
  19. Virginia
  20. Purdue
  21. Cincinnati
  22. Miami
  23. Maryland
  24. South Carolina
  25. Michigan

Additional Votes: Creighton, Northwestern, St. Mary’s, Texas, Florida State, Michigan, VCU, Marquette, SMU, Dayton, Seton Hall, USC, Virginia Tech, BYU, Xavier

SEC Poised to Take Over College Basketball

Collin Speicher, NCAAMReview Author

With college basketball right around the corner, teams are starting to prepare themselves for the 2017-18 season. Coming away from last season’s March Madness, there are new faces that we should keep an eye on, particularly in the SEC.

As always, the juggernaut in the SEC is Kentucky. Constantly bringing in Top 50 recruits is one of Coach John Calipari’s top talents, but recently they haven’t paid off. The Wildcats have not reached the National Championship since 2014, and haven’t brought the title home since 2012. Coach Cal and fellow Kentucky fans are hoping that this is the year of the Wildcat.

With renewed talent, Florida is a team to keep an eye on. After a solid season, the Gators reached the Elite Eight before losing to SEC foe, South Carolina Gamecocks. The Gators ended the season on a promising entrance to this year’s calendar and have plenty to prove.

Speaking of South Carolina, they are this year’s Dark Horse in the SEC. Shocking the entire nation, Frank Martin led his team to the Final Four with his team focused on attitude and defense. Although their star shooting guard Sindarius Thornwell is off to the NBA, the Gamecocks are relying on forward Chris Silva and their young players to continue the motivation from last year and make some noise in the 2017-18 season.

Bubble Team: Arkansas. Following a low-key season with not too much attention, the Razorbacks squeaked into the NCAA Tournament as an 8th seed. After defeating first round favorite Seton Hall, Arkansas gave the reigning champions North Carolina a run for their money. With more eyes on them this year, the Razorbacks must show the nation that last year was no Cinderella team and that they can compete with the top dogs in the SEC.

Wishing for the good ole’ days: Tennessee. After a disappointing start to the season last year, the Volunteers continued their struggles and fell off the radar. They just finished their Europe trip going 3-0 and Coach Barnes is trying to prove that his team still has it in them this season.

As always, the SEC is a Conference that doesn’t receive as much attention as the ACC or Big Ten, but teams always find a way to make some noise in March.  This season may be a little different, as Kentucky and Florida are two teams on everyone’s radar.  There’s still a while to go until college basketball starts back up, but it isn’t too early to start preparing for the season.